5 Benefits of Optimizing your Website for Speed

30July 2019

5 Benefits of Optimizing your Website for Speed

5 Benefits of Optimizing your Website for Speed

Launching a beautiful business website is essential, but it’s equally important to make sure your website can cater to your visitors’ needs. And the first aspect you should be concerned about is speed.

Site speed plays a very important part in making a website efficient. Unless your website loads in 2 seconds or less, chances are high your visitors won’t stick around to convert.

Nearly 50% of your consumers will leave a slow loading website and 79% of them are unlikely to return. With that in mind, here are 5 benefits that come with optimizing your website for speed.

1.  A faster website will make a great impression with your visitors

Let’s face it. People today don’t have the time to wait around too long for your website to load. And unless you represent an already well-established brand, your visitors will roll their eyes and go check out the competition. Don’t allow that to happen and invest in site speed optimization services right away! You’ll make a great impression on your first-time visitors and – who knows? – you may encourage some of them to convert.

2. The faster your pages load, the more time your users will spend on the website

Who do you think will wait around for your page to load when they can find the same thing they need on your competitor’s website, much faster? Statistics show that, the faster a website loads, the higher the chances the visitors will stick around and convert. About 70% of users will spend more time on a website if it loads fast and can cater to their needs. Make sure you optimize your online presence for speed in order to encourage your users to spend more time on your website.

3. Fast websites have a reduced bounce rate

A well-optimized website will significantly lower your bounce rate. In other words, fewer people will leave your web page out of impatience. We live in times when even a fraction of a second can make a difference and people have an expectation of a loading time of 2 seconds or less. Improve your website for speed right away and reduce the number of people leaving your website.

4. Site speed optimization will help boost your SEO efforts

The faster your website loads, the more pages Google can crawl and index! A few years ago, Google introduced a new ranking signal known as “page speed”. Fast forward to July 2018, the metric now focuses on the loading time of responsive websites as part of new mobile-friendly search algorithm. Although speed not a major direct contributor to your rankings, a slow-loading website can have a negative SEO impact.

5. If your website is faster than your competitors’, you win!

The point of having a successful business isn’t stealing clients from your competition. It’s offering a product or service so good they’ll never want to leave! By investing in speed optimization services for your website, you’ll have a huge advantage over your competitors: you’ll be able to meet your potential client’s needs in less than 2 seconds! Make your website loads faster than your competitors’ and convert more users into customers.

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