How does website design affect your website speed?

24July 2019

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What are the elements of website design that increase or decrease web speed? How to increase the speed of the website? Is your website built for speed? What factors affect website speed?

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Website Speed- Why it is so important?
The world we live today runs fast. If your website is late by even few milliseconds, the probability of you going down the ladder increases by a big number. Nobody wants to wait. Especially, when there are thousand other options available at fingertips. Website speed is not just important. It could be “make or break”.

Let’s consider the following points
• Patience levels have gone down significantly
• SEO is affected by website speed
• Website speed is your first meeting with your user

• Faster websites have better user experience
• Faster websites mean a higher probability of conversion
And, if that argument isn’t enough- website speed is one of the factors considered by Google Ranking

Website Speed and Factors that affect it
Your website speed decides a lot about how you would interact with your customer. You might have a splendid content and amazing product but if your website takes time loading, nobody would ever visit. None of your content and product would matter if you don’t have visitors. Nobody wants to wait in the world and why should they?


Fortunately, factors contributing to the website could be understood and worked on. There are elements of website design that affect your website speed. A better understanding of your website design helps you built a website with speed users like, prefer and use.

In the end, your survival in the online world depends on one single tenet- User Experience. And User’s rate website speed very high for their experience.

Let’s see some of the elements of website design that affects your website speed

A plugin is an add-on that helps you improve the performance of your website. Plugins are used to improve the user experience. The plugins can be used to manage what the users will see and experience. Many available plugins can improve your website speed without compromising on the design aspects.

But, if you are using too many plugins without much knowledge of the space they are using, the effects can be detrimental. To ensure that your website speed is optimum, you have to see that the plugins are lightweight and needed. Plugins shouldn’t be used for the sake of using.

When you begin your website, you usually take it from service providers who provide you limited bandwidth. But, if your traffic is increasing, the bandwidth might not be enough. This lack of bandwidth is reflected in website speed. It becomes slow for loading and results in bad user experience.

Even if there is nothing wrong with your website design, a surge in traffic may result in users leaving. A single unsatisfactory experience is enough to lose a user’s loyalty. One has to be prepared in advance for an increase in Traffic Volume.

You need a lot on our website to keep the user hooked. There are pictures, videos, podcasts each working towards providing the user with more. But these efforts to a better user experience more often than not result in a decrease in website speed. Larger is the size of the content being loaded; slower is the loading of the website.

To reduce the impact, the content has to be trimmed by using the software, widget, and plugins.

Many times, the problem with your website speed has nothing to do your website design. It could simply be your web host. The web host might not have the capacity to deal with the amount of content you want to put up there.
In such cases, the best option is to simply get another web host.

Your website might contain widgets and plugins that are not compatible with various devices and browsers. The Website has to be tested thoroughly on devices and browsers available out there.


You don’t want to lose your customer because the user’s Chrome browser doesn’t work well with the particular plugin on your website. Sometimes, it’s just a simple thing you might have missed while designing your website.

More factors affect your website speed
WordPress, Wix & Duda- Improving Website Speed
WordPress, Wix & Duda are content management systems (CMS) that help you create your website the way they want. They give you easy control over what you can do on your website. They help you improve your website speed by allowing you the freedom to work on the website design.

Let’s compare these three popular CMS service providers

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